Well i got paid this thursday $289 and some change at 6:00am as usual. The night before I had $8.47 in my account and I bought an Ebay item that was $7 and change that took me to $0.87 and it was clearly shown in my account.

This morning when I checked my account instead of having $289.87 I had $253.87. Hmmm... I called the bank right then and there and basically one guy told me I was charged because of a transaction i did 7:00am THURSDAY MORNING AFTER I got my paycheck which was only a dollar that sent me to overdraft 0.13 cents AFTER THE FACT my paycheck was in my bank account and wasnt pending mind you. I spent 2 hours arguing with 3 different people from suntrust tellng me they couldn't help me.

This was the last straw i decided to close my account and move the *** on to another bank that treats their customers better... Back in October I had the SAME problem and back in August the charged me a maintenence fee even though i had a student account and direct deposit every week...

I refuse to let Suntrust to continue taking my money. RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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GOOD FOR YOU !I'M doing the same thing , Sun trust is a rip off

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #656112

There's more to this story. Charges are not incurred until posting is done overnight.

The charge had to have been from another transaction you did. The way you paint it doesn't hold water.


You are accountable for keeping track of your spending- which online banking or calling for a balance doesn't necessary include debit card purchases where the transactions process days later. Learn more before blasting what you don't understand. You're upset with yourself.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #592022

I have no sympathy with anyone who has to check and re-check his bank accounts in order to play it as close as you seem to be doing. Time to alter your spending habits and get a better, more highly-paying, job. I am sure you have the qualifications.

to nikalseyn Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #648526

I'm not anonymous. This is in response to nikalseyn.

Pompous ***, why don't you give the op a better paying job.

Most people weren't born with the obvious silver spoon in their mouth. And just what the *** is the matter with spending ALL of your own money?

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