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This is the worst bank i have ever the displeasure of dealing with. I own a business and have been with this bank since 2006. I have never overdrawn the account and maintain at least 80k in that account at all times except for late in the year when it goes down to about 40-50k.

Sometime in March of this year, unauthorized charges were made on my account. Apparently someone wrote 2 checks totaling about $8,000 from the account. The signature signed on the check was the name of my company and they processed the check to this person twice (could be an inside job who knows). It took about 9 months and they didn't even notice the fraudulent transaction. An unrelated bank (Navy Federal Credit) alerted them to this and that is when they called me on 12/12 to inform me of this situation. I questioned why it took them so long to find this and they said i was responsible for my own account to which i replied that maybe i should be banking with the other bank (Navy Federal) that notified them of the suspicious activity.

When i was informed about this transaction that took place 9 months ago, i immediately lost every bit of trust and confidence that this bank was interested in protecting my money. I also immediately started through all my statements and guess what i realized that they never sent me the statement on the month (March) this fraudulent transaction occurred.

This was a red flag and led me to believe the culprit could be a bank employee. So, I went back to my 2013 statements to ensure that everything was ok and i realized that they only sent me statements from July to December 2013 and all the statements from Jan to June were missing.

So i called them and requested that they send me the statements for Jan - June of 2013 and the statement from Feb along with copies of all checks written on the account to ensure no one attempted or wrote additional checks from my account. The customer service told me that they would charge me $690 to provide copies of my bank statements with the checks appended on it.

I spent over 4 hours on the phone arguing my case today and the customer service representatives i spoke to just did not care and said that i would incur those charges if they sent me the copies. I told them that they never sent me the statements to begin with and i was entitled to them legally and they still refused. 4 hours later multiple representatives hung up on me because they said we weren't getting anywhere (I just could not believe this)

My advice is if you have a business account with these people close it and move it elsewhere. First of all, anybody can write a check on your account and they wont care to detect it which implies they have zero security protocols and your account is just in the hands of a bunch of losers. Secondly, because of their inability to ensure that only authentic checks are allowed to clear your account, when you attempt to ensure your account is up to date and safe, they hit you with exorbitant fees. Essentially, they allow outsiders to rob you and then rob you internally when you attempt to do what they are supposed to be doing.

I also bank with PNC and Capital and with these banks you can go online and print these statements and images for up to 7 years (PNC i know for a fact but not so much on Capital One). Save yourself the hassle and look for a reputable bank to do business with.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service and policies.

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