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The other day I was checking my bank account online and found two fees from Suntrust. One was $36 for UAF items penalty and other for $25 for NSF items penalty. Silly Me! Didn't know UAF even existed.

Well, I just got the phone with customer services and my response was "What"? I thought I had enough to cover my transactions, but apparently not. Well, the customer service rep, though very nice, didn't explain very well. He tried to explain, but I didn't really understand. I think he said you had the money but they weren't available. Huh? Then it was the merchant request didn't come in on time. Again, Huh? Either way $61 gone because the bank said so. And I forget he said they gave me a $11 break. Oh! Thank you! As much as they charge for penalties, they can afford to give you a break every now and then.

My complaint, you say? I don't mind paying NSF fees, but to pay a penalty because of some bank mumbo-jumbo, is ridiculous. And when will the banks stop increasing their fees just because? They forget that they provide a service in return for a service. What service do they get? The bank holds our money for us. And in return they use our money to do what the f--- it is that they do with your money. A fair exchange? I think not? The bank can make money on your money twice if they play their cards right.

It's like a 2 for 1? With the bank winning every time. Watch your money closely people or it'll be gone in the swipe of a card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Banking Service.

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Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I haven't had that problem since.

But if I do I will be going down to the bank to discuss it also.

Somethings businesses are allowed to get away with really don't make no sense. :roll


:( WTF same thing here! UFA what the *** is that my balance is well above any checks or debits i have made and all of a sudden a UFA.

wtf does that even mean. where is my money going. i hate banks. effing rediculas i should open my own bank.

for honest people. who dont like to get scammed


Well mines a little different and I'm very upset. Every Friday there is an automatic charge on my debit card for $50.

I get paid every Thursday so I know there is money to cover the charge. Last Thursday I made several

withdrawals for bills I had to pay cash for and then I made a deposit Friday morning so the charge would go through. UAF fee. so I said ok well I'll know better next time.

This Friday I get charge another UAF fee when there is over 300 in my account. More than enough to cover the charge.

I will be going down to Suntrust on Monday to discuss this. I am very upset.


I don't quite understand it either - how do you charge for a pending amount? I did buy something knowing full well it would put my account into the negative, but I also put in a deposit that would cover it as well today. A deposit which I know will post waay sooner than the pending charge (I know, I've bought from there for years). How can you make such blatant assumptions?

I'm afraid this is the end of our relationship, suntrust.


Same thing happened to me today. They agreed to remove the UAF charge. Let's see if it's really taken off.

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