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My business acct. is attached to an overdraft line of credit. June 3, 18, I over drafted with fees $721. June 23rd, I paid $1100 to my overdraft account leaving $379.00 credit. In July, I over drafted checking

by $200. I was charged automatically a OD service fee $3.77 and $6.00 finance charge.

I asking them to waiver these fees as I have a CREDIT in this account and

I was really NOT overdrawn if I am using my own money.

Tatiana could not see the benefit of discussing this waiver of fees as she

was focused on WHY the bank could not credit me back anything. "That is just our policy" she said. I noted that I am a 33yr. client to the bank with 4 accounts. I have had many, many, credit card and bank customer service people who would and could return fees. In this case, POLICY that she was taught was all she could focus on...I can't wait until block chain happens to banks as these policy and not process robots will cease to exist!!! My Goodness....banks (the ultimate money middlemen)...

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