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One day, I had moved $500 from my savings to checking online. According to the website, Transfers after 8 or 9 pm or something will not post till the following day.

No problem.

Five days later, I spent about $250 of that money with my check card at 11 different places. Then...My account balance the next day was -$600. How is that possible?

This is how...My Transfer had not yet posted. My first Transaction sent me into the negative. Each following transaction charged me a $35 NSF fee. Then the day after that, my transfer posted and I was still -$100. Even though by all rights I should be +$250.

I went to the bank and asked why my transfer had not posted. They told me that I need to call their online banking center. I called and asked the same question. The told me that the transfer had just been made three night before I called. I informed them I had made the Transfer online 8 days prior. They told me their computers did not say that. I quickly went to my saved folder file and brought up the transfer confirmation number. I tried to give it to the person I was talking to or even email it to them but they refused saying that I could have fraudulently changed it. Wait...

Are you saying that I am a liar?

Long story short. They refused to credit me a single dime. The held to their statement that I had made the transfer on a certain date when I clearly had proof otherwise. After much discussion with the Bank Manager and getting nowhere, I decided to give up.

Interesting that even though my check card was -$100 I was still able to use it. I spent the other $250 that was rightfully mine. Now I had negative balance of -$500 something. I went to the bank, pulled the rest of my savings and then asked to close my account. They said that I couldn't close my account because I had a negative balance. I told them that was fine they could leave it open but they would never never ever receive a dime from me. I walked out. That was 5 years ago and I never once got a phone call or letter or anything from Suntrust telling me I owed them money.

Was it a scam? They thought they could get away with it? I would never recommend them to anyone. They called me liar..LOL

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Yeah, theres something else fishy going on with the online banking. the numbers dont add up correctly from day to day


I was with Suntrust since 94'. I loved them until the past 4-5 years where they started processesing the withdrawls beofre deposits and charging fees.

They did refund my fees most of the time but only if I went into the branch and asked the manager. When ALL the banks started hiking their fees up about 8 months ago, I quickly changed all my money from Suntrust to my Credit Union.

Since, I have over drawn twice with my Credit Union and as long as I resolved the overdrawn balance within the day, they give me back the NSF fees immediately. I absolutely LOVE my CU.

I will never go back to a commercial bank.

CU is where it's at. They hold my money.


That is s.o.p. with Suntrust.

They routinely will debit your account IMMEDIATELY for any withdrawals, and drag their heels as long as possible to process any deposits, hoping for those fees. Their computerized system AUTOMATICALLY puts fees on accounts every day at midnight if they are even 1 cent low. I deposited CASH, AT THE BRANCH one day, and the next day was overdrawn when I used my debit card to buy something with that cash, which they then tried to charge their overdraw fee on. I would regularly have to call them every single month to fight about fees that were put on in this manner, with withdrawals always being processed ahead of any deposits so they weren't covered until AFTER their fees were assessed.

Suntrust sucks! I never had these problems with NBC Bank, which they bought out and ruined!

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