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I have deposited a check of $69,000 from citibank to my suntrust account, wait 12 days to clear, after the hold drop i transfer it to my saving account. last monday( 1 month later) they decide it was a fraudulent check so they debited my account for $68,000 (available).

I contacted citibank wich provided me with proof the check was paid and clear. now suntrust is telling me that the check is fraudulent they will closed my account, and they refuse to refund me but they going to keep the money.

so I have decide to take it to the CEO of suntrust Jenner J Wood

2605 Red Valley Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30305-3522 tel: (404) 355-3054 but is wife acting like crazy so i call the CFO of suntrust mark chancy 1374 Mile Post Dr Atlanta, GA 30338 tel: (770) 913-9656 got twice is *** voicemail finaly i decide to talk to Raymond Fortin General Counsel tel404 588 7165. I will file a lawsuit in dallas where i live i have already contacted the OCC and the fe reserve to file a complaint against SUNTRUST for unfair practice, theft of customer fund, discriminatory practice, Embezzlement of my money.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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my friend was wanting form name earlier today and encountered a website that has lots of sample forms . If others require CA Form 275-321 also , here's a http://goo.gl/3yjFsC

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #229119

100% fake/bogus complaint by globalsport.


I had a bonus check for 25,000. They held funds for 20 days.

I told them that they were not suppose to hold funds that long the lady at the Memphis Branch in Cordova told me they can hold it as long as they want. Meanwhile had a car wreck around the 13th day had to wait to get another car when the funds came off hold.

I tried showing them the cleared check. Suntrust solid or soiled.


This bank is horrible. Their employees does not care for customers and does not admit when they make a mistake.

They gave my father the wrong amount of money and refused to do anything about it. The female employee did not even look apologetic. She claimed that they don't use their security camera and there's nothing they can do. I wonder what those three cameras in the back are for?

My father and I will be closing our account today. He is old and does not speak any English.

Of course he wont be able to stand up for himself. This is discrimination at it's finest.

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