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I have never encountered such an inefficiency bank!

You dropped your check deposit at their branch and they wouldn't post it on-line till after a week; you paid your tuition and they wouldn't show it until you were asked to pay that money again; and they double charged you, and promply sent you a mail informing that you were automatically charged 10 dollars for account transfer protection fee; and you found yourself charged the same fee 4 times, b/c you never imagined that you could spend money so fast(all your double-charged tuition fee). And their *** on-line staff would never really help you except for feeding you with numbers!

I hate suntrust!

They are not trustworthy at all!

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No they are not trustworthy. Suntrust is the absolute worst bank...

and easily the shadiest bank I have ever encountered. Their policies like putting the largest item through first, when they settle everything overnight... versus in chronological order like a normal bank (i.e. our local bank they bought out) would...

is just to steal out of our pockets! The teller makes an error on your account, they admit its an error, but then say it's the customer's fault??? How is having your transaction processed for the incorrect amount, and subsequently having money MISSING from your account for a week... then consequently getting over $200 in fees...

okay and NOT an interest free loan to the bank??? They said, "It takes us 'TIME' to research the request and get the money back". Forget THAT!!! It's viewable online!

I brought you the printout!!! It's YOUR ERROR... GIVE ME MY MONEY AND FIGURE OUT THE REST ON YOUR OWN TIME! Don't we put our money in the bank for it to be safe, and NOT end up mysteriously missing for weeks at a time?!

Yet, we're supposed to be happy when it magically "reappears" weeks later (without apology), and it's okay? It's NOT OK. It's terrible. That doesn't inspire trust or reflect good customer service.

It goes all the way up to the top, too. They don't care. For all I know they could've set me up, and purposely ran the transaction short to get the $200+ in fees!!! Shady-Shady-Shady!

Borderline illegal. This bank sucks.