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About a year and a half ago I noticed $160.00 was missing from my SunTrust checking account. After calling their customer service department I was basically told that I made the mistake (when I clearly didn't). When OI started to prove to the customer service rep that it was their mistake she got rude with me and hung up. Right then I changed my direct deposit to just $200 a month (for my automobile payment) and the next day went to another bank and opened an account. I cleaned almost all of my remaining funds out of SunTrust and depositied them into my new account.

Last week they took $7.00 from my account for a "Maintenance Fee" after telling me they weren't going to charge it. Now I'm going to clean out my account and close it next week.

Goodbye SunTrust and good riddance!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Suntrust lost a $13000 deposit I am filing grand theft charges through the FTC. They are crooks or too *** incompetent to run a bank!


The same thing has happened to my husband and I. Our account balanced yesterday and now today all of a sudden we are -$200.

Over the past 2 months, $600 has vanished from our account with no record of it.

We keep being told that it is our mistake, however my math is not $200 off every other week. They are doing something with our money, and we will be getting it back!!


You must be joking? You think banks dont screw people and I guess there really are ferries and little people in the forest.

I closed my account two years ago with them after they charged me 35 dollars for a overdraft that never happened. Guess what... I just learned two days ago that they blew that 35 dollars into 900 and now all of a sudden they got a court case letting them take my house and sell it in ten days. Suntrust bank is nothing but a bunch of thugs.

Good thing I found out about this because I was never even notified that there was an issue. Now my lawyer is taking care of things but what the *** is wrong with banks when they pull such legal theft?


they took 7 dollars from me too, im leaving suntrust, such bs


I don't work for Suntrust. There is just more to this story than what you're posting.


No overdraws here. Obviously you didn't read the post, just glossing over it doesn't cut it.... You must work for Suntrust.


Most major banks don't just charges fees for no reasons. So obviously you did something such as overdraw your account.

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