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Back in August 2012, we co-signed for my daughter to get a vehicle, since her credit was not as good as needed. We were told by Suntrust that after 24 consecutive on time payments, I would be able to be taken off as co-signer.

In September 2014, my daughter was working for a dental office, and the office was sold (without my daughters knowledge). So her hours were not being provided as needed. Also, her marriage was rocky and was in the process of a separation. She started receiving letters and phone calls from Suntrust, naturally.

She was late on her payments, and was in constant communication with Suntrust Repossession Department. She was behind October, November, and December. In which, I as the co-signer received NO NOTIFICATION of her late payments! She made a full payment in December 2014 for her October payment, and again was in full communication with the Repossession Department.

She was also hospitalized in December with 2 strands of the Flu Virus for a week, in this process. She also let them know when she received her taxes in January she was going to get up to date, and start paying on time. On January 7, 2015 her vehicle was repossessed. She finally made us aware of the repossession, and with my job I was out of town and did not return until late Jan 8th.

I went to the bank on January 9th and removed the money that was needed, since her tax return had not been received, as of yet. I paid the total fees needed to get her car out of repossession, and realized the department that ordered her repossession was and always was in contact with my daughter. Why would they do such a thing? She was making an effort, and again in total communication.

Since then I realized on my credit her late payments was reflected on my credit!!! HOW was this possible? I was unaware of the late payments!!!! I was not notified as a co-signer that the payments were late!!!

If I would have would not have gone as far as it did!!!

Suntrust is the 10 largest bank...but do business as they have never done business in their lives!!!

Bad company!!! Do not get any loans from suntrust!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: I would like the repossession fee refunded, as well as my credit report cleared from all late payments. .

  • Suntrust Repossession Department
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Sympathies for your daughter's run of bad luck but, unfortunately for you and her, Suntrust is not in the business of doling out sympathies for every sob story that comes their way. Just because your daughter was in full contact with them about her intent to pay, that does NOT mean the collections cogs are turned off.

Those will still keep running until the car note is up to date or they take the car back, hence the repossession.

I find it interesting that you appear to be upset that Suntrust did not notify you of your daughter's late payments, considering you are the co-signer, after all. But let me ask you this: did your DAUGHTER notify you of her late payments?

Perhaps your anger and frustration are misplaced. Just a thought.

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