I bought the condo in December 2008. I got the $7500.00 tax credit for being a first time homebuyer. Since I bought in 2008, I have to pay the tax credit back to the goverment. However,People who bought homes in 2009 don't have to pay their tax credit back. unfair!

May 1, 2010, I recieved a letter from my employer stating they were sending our jobs to India and we were getting laid off June 30, 2010. I immediately called SunTrust to see what my options were if I loose my income. I am single so that was my only income. I ak for a loan modification. SunTrust told me they couldn't help me because I was current on my loan. I am thinking this is wrong. One would think they would want to work with me if I was a good customer and current on my loan. I told them I had excellent cedit and I didn't want to ruin it. I told them I was willing to work with them if they could give me a modification and loosing my income should qualify me. They said they couldn't help me unless I was 2 months delinquent on my loan. They told me to send proof I was getting laid off. I faxed the letter 3 times and emailed it once and they kept claiming they never recieved it. It takes 3-4 weeks to get in their system. REALLY!!!


5/17 Twice



6/7 called 3 times

there were other times I forgot to record because I was getting frustrated.

June 30, 2010 I got laid off. I called SunTrust again and told them I was officially laid off. I lost my only income. I ask if I could get a loan modification. They gave me the same BS answer. They couldnt help me because I was current on my loan. I told them I didn't want to ruin my credit and I was getting to the point I wouldn't be able to afford it anymore. They ask for copies of the layoff letter and monthly bill info. I sent it to them and of course they claimed 3 times they never recieved it. Finally, after several weeks they got my layoff letter.

But they said they still couldn't help me because I was current. They said even if I was 2 months delinquent on my payments they still couldn't gaurantee a loan modification. So I decided to stop paying my mortgage. I finally got their attention. Nov. 15,2010, I recieved a letter from Erica Hawkins stating if I pay $200.00 in Dec, Jan and Feb I might be considered for a loan modification. and if I had questions to call her at the number on the letter. I had questions so I called and left a message on Erica's voicemail. no response back. I waited 2 days still no response. I called and left 8-9 messages on Erica H.'s voicemail telling her I had questions about the letter she sent and would she PLEASE call me back. These are the dates I called her.

11/22 left mesaage Erica H - no response

11/23 left message for Erica - no response

11/26 left message for Erica - no response

11/30 left message for Erica- no response

12/1 left message for Erica - no response.

12/2 called Erica one last time. Got voicemail. By this time it was tooo late to abide by the demands in the letter she sent. So I called the 800 number talked to Leslie. She still was no help. So I told her I was going to put my home up for short sale. Leslie said "OK, I'll send you the paperwork" like she was excited I was loosing my home. She didn't even try to talk me out of it or work with me. She said I had 90 days to sell it then I could do a "deed in lui of foreclosure". 12/10 called Erica Hawkins again still no answer I just hung up. To this day she hasn't responded to any of my phone messages. I figured I had til March to complete a short sell but today 2-13-2011 I checked my credit report and SunTrust has on my credit report that they already have a foreclosure in progress. SHOCK! no email, no letter, no phone call to tell me they were going ahead with a foreclosure.

I ask Leslie if I was going to be liable for the difference in the loan a short sale. She said she didn't know it was up to FHA. A person can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone at SunTrust.

I sold all my furniture. I have no health insurance. I am loosing my home.

The goverment really needs to crack down on these mortgage companies and force them to work with people who are willing to work with them. People like me are loosing their homes when they don't need to be.

Mortgage Company are forcing people to ruin their credit in order to get a Loan Modification, I felt loosing my job sould have qualified me from the start with no questions.

Where is the goverment? What is happening to our economy?

Good job Obama!!!

My job went to India- You were supposed to stop outsourcing to other countries.

The Mortgage Companies are forcing people to ruin their credit and loose their homes and you do NOTHING!

I was a good person with a good job, good credit and owned a home.

Now I am jobless, bad credit and homeless.

GOVERMENT ...DO SOMETHING for Gods sake before this country ends in a severe depression!


Step in and force these banks to work with the hard working, tax paying citizens of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

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why would u blame obama for your rainy days?? this *** started way before obama got into office...I didn't see anyone complaining when bush started this mess.


The gov't won't help. To do so would be hypocritical. The gov't's wrote the rules the banks are screwing YOU with.

It's totally f'd up but "We the people" did elect them.


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