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The is a copy of the letter I wrote to the President and CEO of SunTrust Mortgage.

Dear Mr. Edmunds, Jr.;

Back in May of 2008 I was injured on the job. I was on an approved Short Term Disability when my supervisor demanded to return to work regardless of illness. Upon failing to do so I was wrongfully terminated. With the help of my doctors, we filed the claim to the state and were awarded disability, at the cost of my employer.

In December of 2008, we had exhausted every avenue of money. We fell behind on our mortgage account with SunTrust Mortgage. We love our home. We want to raise our family here. I requested several times to help us modify our loan. I was told by your company "We do not make enough money to stay in our home." Even though my husband's income is over 100,000 per year.

Upon winning my case, I began to receive my disability checks. Being on disability is less than 50% of what my income was while I was working. I again requested a loan modification. I was told in order to stop foreclosure we must pay the attorney fees. We therefore immediately sent the $3,000 you requested for payment of attorney fees. The first option your company tried was a repayment plan. Seeing as our over all income has dropped by 30-40%. We could not afford a repayment plan. I requested a loan modification in hopes of SunTrust Mortgage understanding our unique situation. I am still disabled, we have an infant and we are still under a financial hardship. I have called your company everyday since being told we do qualify for a loan modification. I have spoken with Eric, Ms. Johnson, Shawna, and everyone else in that department multiple times to find out the status of the loan modification.

We finally heard back last week in respect to the loan modification. To my surprise, our payments did NOT go down. In fact they have INCREASED! I was expecting a drop in loan payments, considering the drop in interest rates. Robin (Loan Modification Specialist) told us "Well You guys can afford it!!!!" Robin informed me our interest rate will be 7%. I asked why our interest rate can not be reduce she said "It's clear you can afford the higher payment." Is this not a repayment plan? I pleaded with Robin to reduce the interest rate to 5%. The difference in payment is over 1,000/month. I expressed our current income and situation, this still leaves us living paycheck to paycheck. In the event something were to happen to either of our incomes Robin's responded by stating "Well then we will have to start the process all over again." Pardon the sarcasm.... But the first time we went though this YOU WOULD NOT HELP US.!!!

Meanwhile, upon requesting a loan modification with our second mortgage lender Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC, they immediately reduced the interest rate to 5 % within a matter of two weeks dropping our payment in half. The highest praise I have of them.

Your company on the other hand, has received more than 4.8 BILLION in bail out money. The whole point in our request for a loan modification with Suntrust Mortgage was to work together in a payment plan allowing us to stay in our home. Instead it has resulted with an increase to our monthly finances at a time when our payments truly need to be reduced. Given the current rates is approximately 4 - 5% a loan modification process resulting in a 7% interest rate really seems to be taking advantage of our situation. Is this how you help your customers? By denying them the lowest rate possible? Is this doing what is best for your client instead of your profit? Is this what President Obama had in mind when he gave you money? Honestly, my husband is working as hard as he can. We want to keep our home. We want to raise our family here. However, we can not believe you and your company are willing to keep us under a financial hardship for the sake of your profits! … And this is your answer of help? "You can afford it!"

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Hamilton, Ohio, United States #903069

When SunTrust finally decided to modify my loan (after 5 attempts) they sold me to Seterus. Thanks

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