Update by user Nov 03, 2017

See Update section dated 11/3/17

Update by user Nov 03, 2017

On Wednesday November 1st, after speaking to PayPal representatives and SunTrust representatives numerous times, getting VERY frustrated and VERY upset, DEMANDING at one point, after having spoken for the final time to PayPal about the trace they put on the money which only found that they had indeed sent the funds over to SunTrust and it was out of their hands, and them suggesting that I ask SunTrust to speak to their ACH department directly, (and being told by SunTrust that the ACH department wasn't "customer driven" [I'll say], and even that "that department doesn't have a phone" and "ACH department isn't allowed to talk to customers" (!!!!), I was finally transferred to yet another CSR supervisor, who told me "Mrs. W, the money is there.

There is a $XX.XX credit showing on your account from PayPal dated 10/30." Y'all, I SWEAR by all that's holy that transaction was NOT THERE prior to this particular phone call. I don't know how they did it, but somehow they slipped that money into the account and dated it two days before I was making the phone call.

Essentially, I guess they were fed up with me and decided to end the issue right then and there (maybe after they realized I was going to keep calling and messing up their customer satisfaction numbers by logging so much time on the phone with them with an unresolved issue.) I'm not sure if this proves that persistence pays off, or more so what I said originally, that Sun Trust LIES, and then resolves issues by trying to make the customer look stupid, as if there was never a problem at all. Sneaking the money back into my account and acting like I just didn't notice it, instead of admitting they were holding it all along, (in which instance, I was was THEM!!!!!)

Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2017

On Friday evening, I used my PayPal account to transfer $55 from there to the debit card associated with my SunTrust checking account, a transaction I have completed many times with success when transferring funds from PayPayl to my other debit card associated with another bank account at a smaller local bank. The $55 was for a check that I wrote to Walmart, because I discovered that I didn't have enough in the SunTrust account to cover it.

The PayPal transfer to card feature is nearly instantaneous. It takes (according to PayPal) less than 30 minutes, and in fact, the number of times I have used it before, the entire process was completed in less than five. The money showed up immediately in my bank account, and was immediately available for use, the same way a refund from a merchant to a debit card works. There should be no holds, no waiting days for authorization, etc.

This option exists precisely so that a PayPal customer can have instant access to their funds via their bank account, rather than waiting for an ACH transfer to occur from PayPal to a checking account. However, this time, the transaction showed up instantly on my SunTrust ledger that same night, but the next day it disappeared. I immediately called customer service, hoping to get some answers, and all I received were three different answers/scenarios as to why my funds had not posted. I was told everything from "PayPal hasn't yet released the funds", to "We don't process any items on the weekend it will be there Monday", to "We see the transaction in our record, but for some reason it 'dropped off' and we can't locate it." Basically none of the answers they gave were helpful, especially in light of the fact that I now had a check to worry about bouncing if it didn't get straightened out soon.

So, deciding to give them the benefit of the doubt, I waited until Monday morning, and sure enough, the check has now posted, but the funds I transferred from PayPal have not. So, I called PayPal customer service first, and they assured me that if my transaction had a confirmation number and said "completed" (which it does), then the cash went instantly into SunTrust and I should be able to see and use my funds with no waits or holds. The PayPal representative told me that they were not authorized to make outbound calls, but that if I called the SunTrust people and got them to initiate a three way call, we could all be on the line at the same time and straighten out the matter. (Essentially, they said they would help me prove to SunTrust that the money does exist and it was transferred).

When I explained to the supervisor whom I requested to be able to make this three way call what I wanted/needed, she was completely unsympathetic. She claimed over and over that it was a PayPal issue, that they had not released the funds yet. Then later she said "We don't know why it dropped off the batch from Friday night", and even later said "We don't hold/hide funds.....BULL!!) She maintained numerous times that she was willing to make a three way call, but "even if we received this information from PayPal, we are unable to reverse any debits or temporarily credit any deposits that have not yet officially posted". She went from saying we NEVER issue temporary credits, to "even if we issued you a temporary credit to cover this transfer, it still wouldn't cover anything (WUT???)".

I then asked if I incurred any NSF fees for the check that is now processing today (because they took my last $55 and I don't have any other money to deposit to cover the shortage until at least Wednesday), would they at least waive the fee, since I am disputing the matter at the moment? The answer was a definitive "NO". NO, we can't help you. NO, it doesn't matter who you have us speak to, we won't credit your money 'early', nor will we reverse any negative consequence that happens because YOU don't have enough money to cover the check you wrote, etc.

NO, we won't issue you a credit. NO, we won't issue you a refund. NO, we won't sit on hold for you for 20 minutes to speak to someone at PayPal. So tell me, who's the liar?

I emphatically say it's SunTrust. They are HOLDING my transfer until AFTER that check bounces so they can charge me a fee! I have NEVER had an issue with this type of transaction via PayPal, and they may be foreign owned, etc., but I trust them FAR more than my own bank!

Essentially I was told my hands are tied and I am at the mercy of SunTrust because they will do whatever they want whenever they want, and I have NO clout as a customer, and if I don't like it there's the door, they are NOT going to help me. FML....I HATE SunTrust!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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