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SunTrust has to be the worst bank ever! I made the mistake of switching to SunTrust after Bank Of America started feeing their customers to death. As it turns out, SunTrust is even more unscrupulous than BOA between all their fees, unethical banking practices and absolutely horrible customer service, or should I say lacktherof.

They messed my account up numerous times, due to employee errors, and every time had to fight with them to get things fixed. This last time around they messed it up so bad that all my money was gone and eaten up in numerous overdraft fees for a transaction I did not even make!

Two branch employees actually had the nerve to yell at me and treat me like a three year old after hassling with them over this situation for three weeks! They even had the nerve to say "the bank does not make mistakes". Yeah, right. Those same two employees were overheard by my friend that was with me discussing a situation where a deposit had been posted wrong and one of them asked the other if he should call the customer to let them know. The other employee told him no, just go ahead and process it. Is that the kind of bank you would trust with YOUR money?

I have since filed a formal complaint against the branch and hope both of those employees get fired. It has taken a total of three weeks, numerous calls and representatives from the 800 customer service number to straighten things out so I could close the account. By that point, I had already made up my mind that SunTrust was not a bank to be trusted. Hmmmm, maybe they should change their name to SunMistrust. Definitely would be much more befitting.

After that nightmare, I chose to take my business elsewhere. The representative at the new bank I went to told me he heard stories like that almost daily from customers who left SunTrust due to unethical practices and beyond bad customer service. My suggestion is if you have an account there, leave immediately! If you are considering them for your bank, don't do it!

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I think suntrust should be more like sun-don't-trust!!

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