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Our Father passed away in 2004. After he did, our brother took over the finances for our Mother who is now 84.

Turns out that my brother stole our Mother;s money, including a $250,000 home equity loan he took out on her paid off house from Suntrust. After we discovered what he had done, my other siblings and I took over her finances. I am trying to make the payment each month, but, there are some irregularities that need to be discussed. Even tough my Mother has given both verbal and written permission for me to address her banking problems, Suntrust will not speak to me about ANYTHING without having to call her and get permission each time.

She lives in Georgia and I live in Texas, which makes it even more difficult. I am trying to make sure they get paid, but, they are making it difficult to do this. The only way they will talk with me is if I sign MY name to the note. And, when I tried to get a contact phone number for the CEO or President's office for help, they said there IS no number.

Again, my Mother is 84....I handle her bills. I understand the privacy aspect, but, she has verbally, and in writing, given permission. Suntrust is making an already difficult situation, even more difficult.

This is one reason, I do not bank with SunTrust. My Mother has banked with you for more than 50 years under different names.

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States #618400

My mother died in January 2013 and I just tried to get information about her account. This was the only acct. that was in her name, they are requiring us to get an attorney to get her money or to even find out if there is any money in her acct.

Thank you SUNTRUST for wasting our money. The woman is dead, we should not have to spend money to find out if there is any money in her acct!

Ridiculous unhelpful people in the Jacksonville FL office. They are rude, do not return phone calls and a waste of time!

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