My wife had an auto loan through SunTrust. For three years she sent in a check every month for the payment.

About five months ago, I noticed that June and July's checks cleared my checking account at the same time. We called and questioned these practices but were not given an explanation. We continued to send our payments as usual. Last month, SunTrust sent a repo service to repossess our vehicle at 1:00 A.M on a Wednesday morning .

We stopped the guy and he explained that we were 52 days past due on a payment (October's payment to be exact) and that SunTrust was repossessing the vehicle. At this time I was livid! We had not received any notification of any missed or delinquent payments. My wife and I agreed to get a loan for the payoff amount through a local bank.

We called SunTrust and asked for a payoff note to be sent to our new bank. Our new bank wired them the payoff amount on Thursday and released our vehicle. On Friday we got our vehicle out of the impound yard. Also on Friday, a check to SunTrust hits my checking account.

Guess what?? It was October's payment! They cashed our check two months late and after our account had been paid off. I pull out bank statements up to 12 months ago and realize that each payment is delayed anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after I send the check in (e.g.

April's payment would not hit until May or June). Currently, SunTrust owes me for the check they cashed and they also have two more checks of mine (November and December's payments). What really makes me mad is that we dropped December's payment in the mail box two days before they repoed our vehicle, and they still had not processed the payment for October. I will admit my fault in this which is that I did not verify that each month's payment was clearing when it should have.

I was just looking at my checking account online to make sure a payment hit. I have argued with SunTrust until I am blue in the face and all they will say is "You didn't make your payments". That statement makes me even more furious because my wife and I have always paid our bills and have always had good credit. All I can figure is that SunTrust was holding our payments until they were late so they could tack on a late charge.

I have no idea. All I know is that I will seek legal advice regarding this scam. I will never trust these crooks again, and I will advise everyone I know to steer clear of this crooked operation they call SunTrust. This situation was a living nightmare for our family.

Apparently SunTrust's motto on their Facebook page is "We shine when we put the needs of others in front of our own".

That statement has proven to me as nothing more than complete garbage after what they did to us. From now on, I will do all loans through my local banks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Checking Account.

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I too am currently experiencing something eerily similar regarding this bank's repeat deceptive business tactics. Suntrust representatives are well versed at deflecting the truth & blaming the customer for errors in their (Suntrust's) account managing capabilities.

I'm told the payments I mailed directly to Suntrust in the form of money orders (guaranteed funds no less) are for past payments that were already paid by my bank prior to me suspending my checking acct. I'm being requested to send proof of all my payments made for the past 6 months (which I have in the form of money order receipts) BUT...they want to only accept bank statements! WTH...there wouldn't be bank statements proving money order payments were made!

I absolutely HATE Suntrust & will do all I can to get my remaining debt transferred to a more reputable banking institution. Beware of their unethical business tactics, charging of erroneous fees & intimidation methods including turning you into repo agencies based upon inaccurate acct info shared by Suntrust.


Sucks, but that's what you get for mailing checks. Electronic payments are posted immediately and there's no room for human error. it's 2018, not 1970.

to D.H.R #1433905

Suntrusts electronic payments don't post immediately. Know your facts before you run your rude mouth.

Even when calling in a check by phone payment it takes 3-5 days minimum for it to show pending on your checking account!

They don't accept online payment so THEY NEED TO GET WITH 2018 & YOU need to let people make payments how they choose. You aren't their Daddy or Momma.


SunTrust has messed up one car payment after the next...They repossessed my car 6 times and released it out of the impound lot 45 days later each time. ..

One check shocked us and was ran thru 111 days after it was mailed...took my loan away from those butt scratching nutts.

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