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My Father passed away suddenly in the spring. I was named administrator of his estate and began trying to get all of his accounts in order. My family was under the impression that his vehicle was paid off, but it turns out that it was not. During the time that we were trying to figure this all out, I received a call from Suntrust saying that they were trying to locate the vehicle in order to repossess it. Naturally, this misunderstanding was not their fault and I cooperated with them repossessing the vehicle as I did not have the funds immediately available to pay off the loan. Before they auctioned off the vehicle, I was able to come up with the funds, paid off the vehicle and picked it up. This entire ordeal was not the easiest - multiple phone calls to Suntrust trying to narrow down the proper information needed, bouncing from person to person, department to department, faxing over legal documents, etc., but I thought perhaps it was just the nature of customer service and my particular situation.

Since then, as I've been trying to get the title switched over in order to sell the vehicle so that we can afford the mortgage on my father's home until we are able to sell it and settle his debts, my experience with Suntrust has been awful, just an absolute nightmare.

A week or so after getting the vehicle back, I received a letter addressed to my late father at my address from Suntrust. They stated that the title or lien release would arrive within 10 days. I waited the 10 days and nothing. I waited a few more days and nothing. I called and spoke with a gentleman who told me at first that I lived in an electronic title state, so I don't need a form, which is not true. I asked him to confirm this information. He spoke with a supervisor and told me that he was wrong, that it is not an electronic title state. Then he told me that he looked more into the account and found that they didn't send out the paperwork because they didn't know where to send it to. I then asked why I received a letter, if they didn't know where to send it to? He then told me he didn't know, but that he had passed the information along to the account representative and it would be mailed to me, at my address that I gave him - the same address that they had sent the letter to.

Another week goes by and still nothing arrives from Suntrust. I call again. This time I get kicked around to about four different departments. Finally, I was sent to a man in the "recovery department". He told me that he had no record of my father's account in his system and he wasn't sure why they had sent me to him. Even so, he was incredibly helpful. I didn't once feel like he was just counting the seconds until he could end our call. He put me on hold a couple of times in an attempt to determine exactly who I needed to speak to. He did, thankfully. When I was then connected to the correct department, I was told that the paperwork had been returned as undeliverable the first time it went out (I suppose the time they "didn't know where to send it"?) and that it was mailed out again just days before.

Again I wait and again, nothing. I call again to follow up. This time I speak with another woman. I go through the whole story again. She apologizes. Says she sees nothing on the account about anything having gone out. Then she tells me that I am not on the account and that she can't speak to me about specifics on the account. I asked her why then had I spoken with two people in her department previously that said nothing of the sort and were freely offering up information about the address and when this paperwork was and wasn't supposedly sent out. She tells me she doesn't know, asks if I've sent in the legal paperwork showing that I am in charge of my late father's estate. I tell her yes, that is how I was able to get the information on the vehicle and was able to pay it off and pick it up. She apologizes again, says she can't help me. I can't just fax it to the first department, apparently I have to send this information to them all.

Now, if this woman was truly following the rules, good for her. But it certainly makes me wonder why no one else before her in her department had issue speaking with me about the details of the account. Why didn't they tell me this the first time I called and was fed a false story about not knowing where to send the paperwork? Or the second time when I was told that it was again on its way to me? Interesting and incredibly frustrating. I faxed (again) the necessary information to the number provided to me so that I can continue to try to get this worked out.

The following week I receive a FedEx'd letter, again addressed to my father at my address, indicating that I (my father?) need to sign off on the attached paperwork (that I believe is the lien release, but am not certain and the letter does not specify), give my SS# and a copy of my driver's license and send it back to Suntrust via the provided FedEx envelope. I'm confused - the letter is not at all specific to the situation and I'm concerned that there has been further confusion on behalf of Suntrust as well.

The next business day, I call the number for the woman that sent the letter. It's a direct line. She does not answer. Over the span of two days, I leave her four voicemails, asking that she please contact me about this, as I have a few questions about how to properly proceed with the paperwork that I have received. The letter even touches on what a time sensitive issue this is - in bold - and yet, I have heard not a peep from this woman.

I call the main number and speak with a couple more people. A woman I speak with in customer service tells me that I should just take it to the DMV and ask them what to do with it. So I ask why the letter indicates that "I" need to sign the paperwork and send it back to Suntrust and that it is an urgent matter, if I just need to go to the DMV. She tells me that since I'm not the original person on the account, the original owner, that it's done differently. So why are these people sending me a letter saying something else? I'm honestly expecting to get to the DMV and have them tell me that Suntrust needs to do something else before I can get this straightened out. At this point, I would expect nothing more.

My experience has given me the worst impression of Suntrust. I believe that they are an absolute mess. The last thing someone should have to deal with after a death of their family member is a set of largely incompetent people who seem to not actually want to help you, but feed you just enough information to get you to shut up and to get you off the phone. I am polite to a fault, but I have reached the end of my rope with this company after speaking with a multitude of people like this. My one saving grace during these last three months of disbelief and frustration that has been dealing with Suntrust, was the man in the "recovery department". Other than that, I am so disappointed and disgusted at how incredibly unprofessional my experience has been almost entirely across the board. I can not wait until I am done dealing with this company and never have to contact them ever again.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States #938148

Same issue! Faxed over death certificate which has SS#, DATE OF BIRTH, MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME- all things needed to open credit accounts.

Never received a call back so had to call again after 14 days of faxing it to the death (and loss) department. Why are banks, that are supposed to keep your records safe, the most disorganized businesses?

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