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in march I had an issue with two unknown companys withdrawing money from my account I nofitifed suntrust several times to freeze the account but they didn't. so I open another account with suntrust.

and I told the again that the old account was compromised and to freeze the acount they didn't so they kept charging me nsf until it got to 500 dollars. well what suntrust did was take my money out my new account and debted to my old acount with left me with zero balance. I called and spoke to a csr and she stated that if an account is 45days past due and in the negative they have to right to withdraw from my account and pay it.. I asked her how am I suppose to get to work now and I have to bills that will hit my account causing two nsf she said yes you will have to pay those two.


I have complained I have writtin dozens of messages to suntrust about my old account be compromised. she did'nt care..suntrust some peoples bank its all about the money

Monetary Loss: $200.

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