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I have had a checking account with Suntrust for over 10+ years but the recent interactions with Suntrust have left me with bad sour taste in my mouth. Recently I had to report my bank debit card compromised even though I still had the card in hand.

I realized my card was being used before whoever was able to do damage but the first person I talked to never canceled the transaction so it end up coming through as charge about 30 minutes later when the Fraud department called notify me about the transaction. I literally caught the transaction in the process because I was depositing checks into my account. So as usual they sent me a new debit card. Didn't think much of who I needed to update the information with the new card too until they would have called to say they was unable to take payment is what I thought was going to happen.

But about two or three weeks after having the new card I look in my account and I have 3 charges back to back with the new card information in subject line. That when I realized that my bank just gave out my new bank card information without my permission after already dealing with the last card being fraudulent!!! Then I called customer service and their solution was to close my bank account and be issued a new one and am like they didn't have my bank information they have my debit information that Suntrust just gave out without my consent! After getting no where over the phone I visited my local branch office and was told its in the terms and conditions but they was unable to find it in the terms and conditions to back up the fact that Suntrust just gave out my new debit information after I was already having an experience with Fraud activity on my account.

The customer service rep. was the worst by far because he just sat there with this blank look on his face like it was okay that my bank was giving out my debit card information without my consent. When asked if there was a way to opt out of Suntrust giving my information out without my consent was told no.

There was no compassion or empathy as to what am dealing with and no resolution to the problem as well. This not how you treat your consumers if tou want to keep your doors open!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1297311

Now you can understand why using a debit instead of, a credit card can be so dangerous.


Please explain further. Something is missing from what you wrote.

No bank is going to give out your debit card information without your consent. All that does is set them up to lose money (You'd rightfully dispute the charges, then the bank would reimburse you, meaning they paid out the money twice.)

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