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I would like to start a class action suit against sun trust and I know that I can find probably at least 20-50 more people. I don't understand what they are doing and why no one is reviewing their actions in so many different dept.

with our money and loans, where they are allowed to steal from us and take money at their will and then offer no explanation and freeze and close accounts without any kind of outside appeal option. however, who would want to stay with a bank after all of this unethical abuse of our accounts and our money. you can find me at bjbunn46 at the g mail , if you look up complaints about suntrust, you will read that of course there is a few of people who are just blowing off steam, however, I believe and atty will be shocked and disgusted with reading about how this bank is really abusing not just us, but alot of long term customers with no issues with their accounts, no NSF checks, no over draft issues , etc. so I have to believe that the only way to stop this abuse is to start a class action.

just think, how would your mother, grandparents or a friend who just can't go from bank to bank handle so abuse? With this bank purposely stealing hundreds to thousands of dollars for "Fees" that they can't or won't explain, and with so many on a limited income, Suntrust Bank shouldn't be able to line their pockets on the backs of your loved ones.

so lets figure this out. I believe we have a case.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just found out about a mortgage that is fraudulent. Now im i foreclosure and i never signed for it.

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