We called to refinance our auto loan. We were told it was approved and that they wpuld send th e paperwork via FedEx. Image our surprise when instead of paperwork we work up to the car being repoed for nonpayment...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Deadbeats ! have to pay your obligations or of course the repo man will take your ride !

why'd you go to the bank & not to the lord master of all the underverse the 1 & only OBAMA ??? know ya'll voted for lord master OBAMA 2x's... no put them 40 ouncers down & get a job...

winters coming & with all that Global Warming the Bus stop is going to be cold,cold cold... :P

to Anonymous #1088007

Very helpful response, I really wish there was a filter for these comments so I don't have to read *** like this when I am actively looking for a bit of helpful advice. Oh, and I especially love when people hide behind an anonymous post, sounds like someone wants to be a closet racist and not man enough to put their real name behind their hate filled comments, very classy.

I would love to meet you face to face to show you how little and insignificant you really are, consider the anonimity of the internet a blessing, sorry if I used any words you don't understand. Very Sincerely, Travis J Sheets

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