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Suntrust claims you must specifically ask for overdraft coverage (they put that in writing in post cards recently mailed out to their customers) I on the other hand when I opened my account seven months ago opted to not have overdraft coverage and instead have the transaction declined so I would know I did not have the money in the account and be prompted to make a deposit thereby bypassing any bounced check fees . Despite this FACT they ran 12 transactions through !!!

some of them only five dollar debit card purchases and charged me $36 for EACH one totaling almost $350 in fees!!! That is my entire child support for thIS month- I am DEVASTATED!!!!

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Land O Lakes, Florida, United States #932295

I am currently having the same problem with Suntrust and after reading so many reviews like yours, I finally contacted an attorney in my area to being a class action lawsuit. What Suntrust is doing is completely unethical and needs to stop.

I contacted Morgan and Morgan, attorneys in Florida, and I hope that you will do the same. They can be reached at 1-877-667-4265.

to Allison A Woodstock, Georgia, United States #971307

Same issue, re a mistake I discovered too late. Early last week I inadvertently handed a store clerk my Sun Trust debit card, instead of a credit card, for a large appliance purchase.

My error immediately created an overdrafted/negative checking account. Something that hasn't happened in years. I'm very diligent about keeping my bank accounts current. (I'm renovating my home & very tired.

My fault completely for making such a *** mistake. No excuses, just explaining why it happened.). Here is what's more concerning - I do not have overdraft protection on this debit/checking account. So, luckily, by law, the purchase should have been DECLINED & not cause an overdraft situation.

A decline would have also nudged me that I was using the wrong card. Instead, SunTrust allowed the transaction. Along with three other lesser debit card purchases that day, knowing I was tumbling deeper into overdrafts. (Remember, I thought I had enough money in my checking to cover the purchases.) They also rearranged the order of the day's purchases, highest dollar amount to lowest, to multiply the quantity of overdrafts.

At least one lesser charge would have cleared. Three, if the dollar amounts were processed lowest to highest. And, all four of the day's debit transactions took two full days to clear/process. My Sun Trust debits usually withdraw/clear pretty quickly, same day or next.

If they had, this occurrance, I'd have had enough money in my checking, again, to cover most of that day's charges. To make matters worse, when I accessed my Sun Trust alerts messages this weekend, to see why I didn't receive a "low balance" alert e-mail, I saw that all my alert settings had been wiped clean & reset back to "None". Now I have four overdrafts to resolve, possibly $36 each. Sadly, two fees are for purchases less than $10.

I am so sick today, over this situation, and will try to resolve it in person. Beg for mercy, I guess. Wish me luck. From what I'm reading, similar issues, it may not go very well.

If so, I'm closing all my Sun Trust accounts finding a bank with better banking practices. I'll leave an update, if I can.

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