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On November 10 2011 Suntrust will convert their "Free Checking Accounts" to "Everyday Checking" with an $8 maintenance fee.

Since that announcement was made, I decided to open a checking account with my local credit union, where I don't pay a fee.

When I'm not in school, I'm at work. So I don't have time to go to the Suntrust branch and close my account. So for the past couple of days I have spent my "free" time calling Suntrust trying to have my account closed.

I had a Suntrust savings account and when I closed it about a year ago I was able to do so without a problem. They simply waited for my pending items to go through and sent me a check for the remainder balance.

Now that I am trying to close this checking account it is a complete different story.

The first time I called, they said that in order to close my account my balance had to be 0 on the account. I asked the representative about simply closing my account through the phone and them sending me a check, she said that in order to do I would have to pass a test based on public records to prove that I was myself. When I went to take the test there weren't enough records.

That same night, I stopped by the drive through and withdrew the remainder balance on my account, following the representatives suggestions. The representative said that if my balance was at 0, I would be able to close the account over the phone without a problem.

The next day when I call Suntrust, I am told that they are not able to process my request. Since my account balance is at 0, when the $8 maintenance fee kicks in, my account will overdraft and after 60 days will be sent to collection.

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I have had the same problem, I actually went into the bank and closed my acct. By the next month the bank reopen my acct without my permission and transfer money to my other bank.

I had an automatic transfer going to a different bank.

When I spoke with someone they told me that they can reopen my account because I had money automatically being drafted to "my other acct" and they had the nerve to charge me an overdraft fee. The act like they are going to bully you into keeping an account with them.

Where are you located? They have branches open on Saturdays and in some cities they are in grocery stores until late evenings.

Did you call your local branch where you opened the acct? Instead of calling customer service, why don't you try calling a branch (where you opened it is best) and ask to speak with a manager. At any bank the customer service dept is so scripted that they have to follow strict rules. I've been in banking for over 20 years and I've always been happy to help anyone with issues that the bored, script reading service reps aren't able or willing to.

Also - if you see a fee post and it was after you've attepted to close your acct - definitely call and speak to a "branch manager" and explain your situation. If you don't get a response escalate it to THEIR manager. It may take a little effort and time on your part.

Good luck! :)

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