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This bank has really caused a disruption in my life! First off I deposited my student pell grant check into my account 12/9/2008.

I asked the teller prior to the deposit if the monies would show on my account because I would be going out of town on that thursday. Her response was yes the money would post to my account. I left for my trip earlier then expected on that wens. morning.

When I went to my account that friday I noticed the amount was not avaliable i called customer service and was told the monies would not be avaliable til monday because of a hold(1st time I ever heared this info.) I then explained to the representative my issue and she transfered me to a supervisor. The supervisor connected me to the branch were I deposited the check. She also told me that the telller would not have known that the money would be on hold and the computer picks. I then was connected to the bank.

The supervisor there explained the same as the representative and the superevisor from customer service and I explained my issue. Now I am in another state dont forget that with No Money! The bank supervisor and customer service told me the money would be avaliable today 12/15/2008. I go to make the reservation and it was declined I then check my online info and the same thing was posted.

I then called customer service again and now the info I was given is that it would not be available til 12/16/2008. I then was put on hold by the representative from 6:45 til 7:24 waiting for a supervisor and then was hung up on.

I now when I called there was a recording stateing that phone calls are monitored when you have representatives from the samr branch giving out wrong info. to your clients this does not look good and now I am missing days of work and my vacation is *** No money and haveing to ask others to help me that dont even now me has taken my life to a whole nother level Thanks SunTrust.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

Monetary Loss: $425.

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Ha! Ha!

Not funny. Put yourself in this person's shoes and see how you'd feel. This is called Bad Business. If you have someone representing you, then they should be trained in proper customer services procedures.

If there is a possibility of different scenarios occurring, then the teller should explain this. As customers or consumers we are at least owed the courtesy of full and in-depth explanations.

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You should have borrowed money from your mommy and daddy. Your parents shouldn't let their 9 year old girl go on trips alone, without adult supervision. You're grounded!

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