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I had read all the posting on Bank of America.Well I just want to tell you that Suntrust is not much better.

Just recently I started seeing "extended" overdraft fees. This is now policy that should you have overdraft anything in your account for more that 7 days, you will get an additional $36 added as a fee. Even if its an item as small as $3.00 Which is what happened to me.

Should there be a cap/percentage according to the dollar amount that bounced.

I mean $3!!! That is insane! My $3 dollar item ended up costing me $75! What can we do??


and has any one taken the time to research who has the cheapest fees and now apparently "exteded" fees?I would like to hear if so!

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the overdraft fee is $36. you made a purchase overdrafting your account by $3. How are you getting a $75 fee?

to Anonymous Valrico, Florida, United States #903558

Say they have direct deposit, and overdraft 3 days after payday.Their next check won't be deposited for 11 more days.

Suntrust will charge an ADDITIONAL $36 fee for the "extended overdraft".

So the $3 cost them the initial overdraft fee of $36, and 7 calendar days later, another $36 fee.Seems like it can't really be legal.

Hollywood, Florida, United States #854551

I would close my account with the bank to avoid any more extended overdraft nonsense.If they overdrafted you once and left it at that you could actually get back on track.

The extened overdraft fees just make it worse and harder to catch up.Show your disdain by cancelling your account to avoid continual nonsense which will just break you even further.

to EJ Stanley, North Dakota, United States #997393

They won't let you close account while a balance is owed

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #829362



Suntrust is a worf in sheeps clothing.Since we began banking with Suntrust we have had nothing but issues with money.

It seems no matter how hard we cut back on expenses we still ended up in the negative. My husband gets paid once a month so what we get we live off for 30 days and we have many bills, debt and 4 kids..We use our debit card for everything but also follow it online, but with Suntrust you cant reply on online banking as they "process" debits&credits for days, up to a week and rearrange the order all the time. Lately its become so bad we cant even pay our regular monthly bills and debts without worry, we seen to run out of money in a few days.I could not understand how we could be so off. the more we put in the more we loose..

We look online and all looks good one day, then the next we are out of money and in the negative by hundreds.. This past month I decided to test them out and watch exactly how its all "processed' and I found the problem. We had $300 in our account but needed to pay our electric bill & food shop, so we sold our ipad and a phone for extra cash. The money went from paypal into our account on the 8th (we seen it show online) and we had over $1,000 to spend.

We paid our bills and took out some cash from the ATM but did not go over the money we had in our account. Well Suntrust held that deposit in processing for 2 days and everytime we logged in we seen another debit that we did after the deposit added before...

This month alone Suntrust charged us a total of $1,200 in overdraft fees, return check fees (we only wrote out 2 checks for our kids boys scouts and football and we had the money when we did) oh and the new extended overdraft fee all because they held our deposit and like to play with the order of our money. When we just had enough and decided to stop banking with them we gave up adding money and our debit card was rejected we went from -$400 on the 4th (last day of any debit) to -$1.242 by the 9th when they finally could not charge us any more since there was no activity for 5 days.. We did not use our account for 5 days but everyday our balance grew and grew and nothing changed. Normally we would worry argue and borrow money from every place and person to keep the negative balance from growing but this time we said no more we are leaving and did not add any money since they actually owed us from the way we seen it..

But yet they still increased our negative balance so much without us even using the account for 5 days!! How is it possible that a American business, a bank can do this to a family with children that struggle already to survive? Now we are negative $1240 but 1200 is all fees... Our kids did nothing this summer but sit at home, we are late on all our bills and in more debt them we started out with and we didnt even spend money we actaully cut back and budgeted as much as we possibly could.

My 5 year old has not has eczema for 3 years but now since we cannot afford to get his detergent and we have all been super stressed out its back. I can name many ways Suntrust bank set us back n ruined our lives..I am outraged and furious that i allowed them to steal our money for over a year and did not notice it. We were so busy trying to cut back and fight with each other that we didnt even notice their scam, besides how can a bank actually do this legally we thought it was our fault. We are not perfect we make mistakes but this is just immoral and wrong!

SUNTRUST BANK are scammers in a suit! And their name alone is a joke! I want to out them anyone have any advice? We switching banks but i still have this negative balance that i need resolved and would like to look into the last year and see how much money they scammed us out of with fees due to their rearranging our money.

I only wish I had a printer to prove how the online banking always changes. I do have a lot of receipts maybe that will help..

Don'tTrust Suntrust!And watch out SunTrust im coming for you!!!

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Richmond, Missouri, United States #655746

The Banks in the UK did this to people and the courts made them pay everyone back..It is so wrong that it should be fixed..

They use words like 'Procedure' because they can.t use the word 'LAW' .. I have had Suntrust pay Netflix out of my account and I called twice to tell them to stop payment and yet here I am over drawn again .. Twice they paid and put me over $5 and I have 2 x $36 charges.. This i daylight robbery..

I am not going to pay it back as I have asked them to stop the payment.. I will make a massive stink about this and use What happened in the UK as a piont of fact about banking.. The Law is all under the same law as the Crown Of England.. Look at the Gold around the Flag in court rooms...

So justice should be seved the same.. Fair Play is what makes a bank worth staying with .. This is some arseholes money making plane that no one is kicking up a fuss about... Please email me if you are wanting to find a lawer who will take on the banks for fair play and stop this *** from happening to so many people..

Or just close the bank account and go to check cashing places instead..America is the land of 'Rip you off' and American people are so *** you are letting them do it to you ..


she could withdraw my $14 to regain my business. but she never try to be helpful.


:( :( :( :( The Suntrust bank I went to this morning is located at Duluth, GA. The korean lady Sunny Kim has such a bad attitude, they just dont want our business!!! i dont mean everyone there is as mean as her, but overall she really pissed me off!


Now you also have to watch out for Suntrust because on pay day, your "extended" overdraft fee doesn't appear, so you think you have one balance, but after that purchase the next day, wha-lah - it's another $36 charge and where you thought you had $10 left, you now have minus $26 in your account. Oh and if you are broke until next pay day...that will be another $36 in the extended overdraft fee AGAIN... :(

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