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On 3/4/19 I opened a checking account for $6,500 with a Wells Fargo check from my existing WF account. I was changing banks due to poor WF service.

They take the check open the account and the WF account pays the check the same day.

On 3/8/19 I get a form letter telling me that their is a hold on the account.

In checking with the 800 number I find that the funds will not be available until 3/12.

Further checking with a Supervisor finds that their 'Fraud Dept' has decided they won't open the account and will 'send me a letter'.

The local branch manager Melanie Elliott 770 224 7186 has not responded to my inquiries.

I emailed her and the rep who set up the account, Emmanuel Calderon that I would be in 3/12/19 to get my $ from them.

Extremely poor service, still no idea why ST isn't interested in my business but at this time I would NOT want any further dealings with such a *** poor operation.


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Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

  • Sun Trust Very Poor Firm
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Sun Trust - Are 'Customers' really 'Victims'? How does a customer get their deposit back when the bank ignores them?

By Bill Harris, Patch Poster | Apr 2, 2019 7:41 pm ET What does a consumer do when the bank won't respond to inquiries and the largest firm of lawyers in town won't help because of a 'conflict of interest'?Well there is always some self help. The situation is that in trying to get away from marginal service at Wells Fargo a checking account was initially established at the Sun Trust in Canton. With no notice it was closed after 2 days.OK, there are a lot of financial institutions in the county, no big deal right?But what do you do when the bank refuses to return the $6,665.44 opening deposit, won't even communicate with you let alone offer a reason? Further complications result when the firm of Bray and Johnson won't touch the case due to a 'conflict of interest' the local bi-weekly paper won't take an advert critical of the bank and in fact won't even do a story about the matter.Well, there is always taking the matter to the general public via internet blogging and some informative post cards.

From my research on the net it seems that this isn't an isolated problem and in fact Sun Trust has an entire department called the 'Account Closing Department'. The issue seems simple to me, if they don't want the account then give back the money.

I think the legal terms are 'unjust enrichment' and 'conversion'. I'll keep you posted - or maybe I'll send you a post card.More info at: https://suntrustsucks.blogspot...


Looking around for a bank for savings/CD/money market. I will cross off this bank. Thanks


Here is an update on my original posting. Not getting results in getting my $6,665.44 back from Sun Trust, I contacted our local congressman Mr.

Barry Loudermilk and asked for help with the matter. His staff contacted them at a high level and on 4/8/19 a certified letter arrived with the missing funds. So the matter is over, it took a lot of work on my part over 6 weeks and the assistance of the congressman seemed to tip the balance and got my money back. No further explanation, but at this point I wasn't really interested in hearing any of their BS, just wanted the funds returned.

They are now on deposit with a local credit union. I can't say anything nice about Sun Trust, just watch out if you think of dealing with them.


Sounds to me like they found out about your past and you’re upset they won’t do business with you, there’s no law that they have to do business with anyone especially people they with questionable pasts, sorry man I know it sucks but we all have to live with our pasts


Sounds like the op has a very very shady past and isn’t happy the bank found out about it, too bad but your past does stick with you these days, I hope the shady past was worth not being able to bank at ST, they’re a solid bank, too bad they won’t take shady folks like the op

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