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My hours at work were cut and I was behind on my payments. They said they would send me papers so we could modify my loan. They sent them alright, I received the paperwork about 10 days after they were suppose to be signed and sent back. Then they used that against me because I refused to sign the papers, because I would have already been in default of the agreement.

At the time that I would have signed the papers and sent them back I would have been telling them to go ahead and take my home!

Then President Obama's new program came about and I thougt it was going to help me keep my house and lower my payments. I didn't qualify, according to Cynthia Jefferson in the Loss Mitigation Department, because I had an FHA loan. WHAT???

The way it all ended was that they sold my home on the courthouse steps and Sun Trust put in a bid for over $67,000 for my home. I owed them $59,000. Did I get anything for equity in the home I had paid on for over 5 years? Nope!

In fact, they turned around and gave it back to HUD, who insured my mortgage. Meaning that HUD then paid them for what I had owed them to buy it from them. Then HUD turned around and sold my home for $10,000. I couldn't get a loan because I have a foreclosure on my credit! If my home was only worth $10,000 why couldn't they offer it to me for that amount? I'd lived there for over 5 years and paid Sun Trust Mortgage $550 a month. Essentially paying my house off if it was only worth $10,000!

By the way, I had all but one payment scraped together from my retirement fund to catch up the payments. Cynthia Jefferson refused to take my money, stating that they would not work with me on this at all.

I had gone to a HUD approved mortgage counselor. He tried to deal with them as well, but had NO success in communicating with them.

So you tell me...did they refuse to do anything about my loan because they could get the money from HUD and not have to deal with it any longer? Putting my loan money right back into their pockets so they could go screw someone else.

It's pathetic the way they are allowed to operate! And as always, the little guy struggling to get by doesn't "qualify" for any kind of assistance. So thanks for your time Cynthia Jefferson. But I am still homeless and I'll bet YOU still have your job. Good for you. Way to go!

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Now that you have suffered a loss when there may have been fraud in the contract to begin with, you may have still have damages coming to you. If you still have all you paperwork the fraud will be found in there.

From there you need and audit. With the audit complete then all the fraud can be put together ready to file with the court to show the fraud. They do not want the fraud in front of a jury of 12 homeowners. will show you have to take these banksters to the cleaners instead of their $2,000 suits.

There is still remedy and you have right to it. When you are ready contact and let them help you find that remedy.

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