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Has any one else used SunTrust and noticed this practice. Not sure if other banks do this, but I noticed that looking at my account on line, SunTrust arranges daily transactions that they pay out by dollar amount, largest amount to smallest amount that comes through daily.

They do this so they can get the most of their overdraft charges. I had a low balance in my account, 6 transactions came through, they paid the largest first instead of the smallest ones which then gave me a negative balance (and coincidentally all transanctions were posted largest amount to smallest amount) . I had 6 transactions bounce instead of 2.

What a rip off. So much for any banks having "satisfied customers" these days!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

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I had 7 transactions bounce instead of 2, but first they take my account $252. for fees...

and there you go!!

you are overdraf.

What happen with the law? They put the rules..

We put the money..

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