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We purchased our home in October 2007 with no problems of making the payments. We qualified for well over what we purchased. In September 2008 the company that I was working for shut down and I lost my job. In November 2008 Steve my husband was having medical problems which required surgery. Payments of over $800 dollars a month were made to Cobra insurance in order to have these procedures done. The insurance company approved all procedures and then in January 2009 they denied them claiming it was a pre-existing condition. This was also around the time that SunTrust Mortgage upped the payments from $1,800 dollars to $2,500 dollars, claiming in 2008 there were not enough property taxes paid.

I finally found work in February 2009, but by this time the damage was done and there was no way to catch up. Filing bankruptcy in March 2009 and through the credit counseling learned about mortgage loan mortification, and contacted SunTrust Mortgage. After filing all the necessary paperwork with SunTrust we were told that we qualified and someone would be contacting us.

Several months went by as we continued to make the $2,500 dollar monthly payments until in July 2009. We received the paperwork on the trial mortification and a new monthly payment of $1,322.20. After the three months Steve called SunTrust to find out what was the next step. He was told because of the large number of people who have applied for loan modification it was going to take time, but to continue to send his payments in as instructed, and they also needed us to update our information.

In November 2009 Steve received his payment back and he called SunTrust. They told him it was a mistake and to send it back that their computers were designed to drop off at the end of the year. And again we were told to update our information. In July 2010 we were called to update our information once more, but everything was still in process and to continue making our payments. In December 2010 Steve received his check back again, and again called SunTrust. Again was told to send it back for it was sent to us by mistake and was blamed on the computers. We were also told to update our information once more. By this time I had lost my job again, through no fault of my own, and we were back to only one income and a small unemployment check.

In January 2011 we received the letter stating we did not qualify for loan mortification and we were in rears of almost $20,000 dollars. They would not accept my unemployment as income and without it our dept to income ratio was too much, and even if they would accept my unemployment we needed to pay them the 20,000 dollars to catch up the payments. So for this reason on February 26, 2011 our account will be tuned over for foreclosure. We then received another letter stating a balance of over $2,600 was being held for a $2,100 dollar payment but would not bring the load current.

After calling SunTrust several times speaking to a different person every time, and never able to speak to the Chiffon, who was handling our case, we got frustrated called an attorney. The attorney advised us to write our Senator because there was nothing he could do to help us. Our Senator office stated they have no jurisdiction over the mortgage company and we should check out the Neighborhood Housing Systems. After filling out all the paperwork again turning it into the NHS we were called with an appointment on February 23, 2011, only to find out again, there is nothing anyone can or will do to help us. SunTrust has the right to not accept my unemployment as income, they have the right to lie to us and drag out the mortification for a year and half. They also have the right to no work with us and take our home. Oh and also make us pay all taxes on the property after they sell our home because it is consider as income to us. And there is nothing we can do to stop any of it.

The laws do not protect the America citizen they are made to pad the mortgage company's pocket, because they are the ones who supply our wonderful government with all their campaign money. And because they do that the government must fall on deaf ears and blind eyes to what the mortgage company does. The game of I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Screw the America citizen, make the big mortgage company bigger, and wealthier, and to *** with the people that actually keeps this country turning.

We have complied in every way with SunTrust and have done everything they have requested. We do not want to lose our home, but do not know what way to turn. We were told we have about 6 to 8 months before SunTrust kicks us out of our home and sells it. I do not understand how our government can allow this type of actions to go on. We are just your average, hard working, blue collar, American citizen who is fighting to stay alive in today's economy.

Nelon's Tuttle, Oklahoma

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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