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I opened my account in the state of Florida. Sometime later, I moved to Nevada to be near my grandchildren.

I called SunTrust and updated them on my change of address. Their bill pay service was down, so I tried clicking on the Zelle link in their online banking to send money to pay rent at my new residence. Commotion followed, locking me out of my online banking. Several calls later with SunTrust to try and resolve this issue led to me being told I had to either appear personally in a SunTrust branch office (yes, buy a plane ticket from Nevada back to Florida), or close and move my account because their "security" could not unlock my online banking until then.

A few days later, I received a notice that SunTrust was closing my account. The whole "for your security" line was BS. I had my debit card, it was active. SunTrust had lots of information about me to prove I was me (drivers license information, personal questions, etc.)...

but for some reason "security" means not letting people pay their bills?

I am paying expenses on my mothers estate until its settled and the house sold. All that information is in my online banking (I don't use checks.) So, thank you SunTrust for your platitudes on security and being helpful; you aren't. Technology is a great thing. So is the knowledge of how to use it.

Somewhere, I believe this company will either learn that, or fall by the wayside like so many other businesses.

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Terrible service from brsmch manager. They changed policy no longer accept cash deposits (300.00).

I've been making deposits into my daughters account and I was able to do this the past 19 months. No warning. No notice. The manager handed me a brochure type thing listing the cash deposit rules.

There is no effective date. The manager refused to grant me a one time exception and she was extremely rude. My daughter is out of state so she's not around to sign a check if i wrote one. What a stupid rule.

Mgr. Said was to prevent fraud. How stupid. Fraudsters are mostly in other countries so they arent putting 300.

Into an account in nowhereville virginia. So rude and stupid rule.

Suntrust is merging with BBT SO because of all of this...i just closed my BBT savings account. I'll never do business with either bank ever again.