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After 9-11, our company lost all of its software business as corporations retracted outsourced projects. My bankruptcy included about 10 parties.

Although I was to obtain a long-term "black eye" on my record, I was going to start clean. Only Suntrust took the further step to put a lien on my house even though I owned it with someone else. Their response was that once they got paid, they would release it. This means that they would get in front of all other parties...and make my life very difficult with respect to getting loans or re-financing.

The lady in charge of the department refused to talk with me directly and had someone send to their contract attorney who filed the lien. He was quite rude and did not have a continued contract with Suntrust. I kept trying and was sent back to him. I even got a SVP to request a release but he was shut down.

Although SUNTRUST found a loophole, it's behavior is clearly not within the ethical standards that I have been taught. NEVER GET A LOAN FROM SUNTRUST BANK!

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So you're complaining about a bank wanting to be repaid what you borrowed? :roll

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