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For the third time in 2 months these morons deposited money in the wrong account (I have several) caused me to overdraft (though I have overdraft protection), charged me fees on their freaking mistake. Branch Manager said "Its not our job to watch after your money" !

What ? you're the freaking keeper of it. Called and spoke to Eric Frueh (Customer Advocacy Team - an oxymoron if ever there was) who admitted mistake then told me. Bank Policy, you're not getting the fees back.

When I asked to speak to his superiors, he advised that he would not identify and that he was the final word. Man would I love to see a class action against these crooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #940186

Ha! I have been getting auto debited a $700 repo fee once a week-despite the car's return. I'm aflame, and invite you to check out my solution I posted as a "review" which is far to pleasant of a word for Suntrust.

Land O Lakes, Florida, United States #932288

I am in the beginning stages of a class action lawsuit against Suntrust bank for the same reasons you stated above and then some. I contacted Morgan and Morgan, attorneys in Florida, at 1-877-667-4265 to begin the process, I encourage you to do the same. If enough us band together, we may see change and more importantly, get our money back.

to Allison #932942

I certainly agree that the actions, and business practices of SunTrust are egregious in nature, and border on illegal. SunTrust has hired consultants to MAXIMIZE BANK FEES, and has a company policy NOT to refund any fees or charges to the customer.

Unfortunately, you need to read SunTrust policies which state that if you have a problem with the bank you can not take them to court, you have to go to arbitration.

I know this because I filed a class action lawsuit against them a few years ago. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. Because the Supreme Court had just ruled on an AT &T class action stating you do not have the right to bring class status if you have agreed to (not opting out) of the arbitration policy of the company. The same applied to SunTrust.

On a potential good side, depending when you closed your account.

If you take them to arbitration and you are awarded only $1, SunTrust must pay you $7500. If you are awarded more than $7500 you will receive the higher amount.

Good Luck to you. For what it's worth I now bank at Bank of America and have found them to be quite good.

to Screwed by SunTrust Tampa, Florida, United States #940193

There is faaaaaaaaar more case law in the consumer's favor at the moment, and (even though I have no problem going to Arbitrations - the bad guy pays the bill at the end anyhow) you should check out a FL 3DCA case on the matter No. 3D07-855, which opens doors for improvement stating the clause is unenforceable;e for claims for injunctive or declaratory relief (Dec being just as mere question of "Was this Unfair") and a yes, leads you into your damages hearing to score the level of bad mojo and slip of hand tricks brought you into Court to begin with-and cases handed down from SC's throughout the US have been cracking the whip on wrongful auto repossessions and long term finance cheap tricks ever growing in the field.

1K is better than a date at Taco Bell, I'm assuming you have been having EFTA issues - pursue them all! Good luck!

Send me case links if you come upon some compelling opinions.

to Allison Tampa, Florida, United States #940187

I encourage you efforts!

If a band of attorney's came at them from all sides - we could stop the spread of Suntrust dread.

I'm all in-and feel like I'm holding the Royal Flush.

Houston, Texas, United States #927066

That is not an oxymoron. Maybe a misnomer.

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