Orlando, Florida

I went to cash a check that was drawn from a Suntrust Bank and they charged me $7.00 to cash the check!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!

With all the fees they charge to their account holders SHAME ON THEM~these banks charge way too much for service fees and I understand they have to cover all the fraudulent check and CC issues but to take it out on those little people and those who really can't afford it.

SUNTRUST you should be ashamed of yourself taking money from people who aren't even your customers. NOT HAPPY WITH SUNTRUST AT ALL WOULD NOT BANK WITH THEM EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Account.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Yes gave them 2 forms of ID they called the acct owner check was written from no answer , So they told me couldn't cash. What BS


Same here! They should be ashamed.

Bank business.

I own a business and bank at Suntrust. I considering calling other banks.


It appears there are alot of people who want everything to be "free"---even check cashing. We are doomed.


Um yeah, I just got charged to by Suntrust! Why do you charge your customers clients to honor YOUR bank draft?


That's why I don't do business with commercial banks!!! Money pits!!!!!


Same happened to me. How rude.

I needed the cash immediately to pay a bill and they charged me $7. I will never have an account with them.


Suntrust is *** you people are embracing!!!


I agree! We just gave a subcontractor a small check, same thing $7.00.

These banks are hurting the little guy who lives from day to day! Shame on Suntrust is right! So now our employees who work part time, mothers of small children who live day to day and need a part time job have to take a weekly cut of $7.00? We are looking for another bank asap.

I'll pay my employees cash! Banks screw the little guy......remember all the forclosures and the bailouts?

They get away with murder. It's a shame.


I AM a Suntrust account holder and have just been denied service for cashing a CASH check written from Suntrust! I am truly speechless and ashamed to even say this is my bank.


EVERY bank charges a fee to nonmembers for check cashing, and they do not have to have it in writing. Free check cashing is a service for members. Why didn't you cash it at your own bank?


EVERY bank should not be charging this fee. When I write a check from MY bank I am essentially writing a promissory note stating that I have the funds in my bank to cover the check.

It would be illegal if to write that check if I didn't have the funds. When I hand over that check to someone else, MY bank should honor the check as they are providing a service to me. They are holding my money and I am asking them to release it to a third party. Charging the other party a fee is double dipping.

I already pay a fee to the bank every month to use their bank.

If everyone wrote checks that never bounces, of course you would just deposit it at your own bank. However, why would I deposit at my own bank and get charged a $35 fee if it bounces or I have to wait a few days for it to clear when i should be able to walk into the bank from which the check is from and get it immediately?


What you want and how the bank works are two different things entirely. If you want a bank that works to your specific wants, then open one. Otherwise, abide by the agreement you signed when you opened your account, and understand that privileges belong to the banks customers, not the joe bloe off the street.


@ LAdyScot -- that is actually incorrect. When the check is written FROM and account at that bank they are not cashing the check for you the way a check cashing business would they are simply withdrawing the money from the account with written permission from the account holder.

I was a bank teller for years and all checks end up being presented to the bank they originated from. You walking over there to present the check in person in return for cash is absolutely no different than the Federal reserve mailing a copy to them for payment.


When a person writes a check from their banking institution to another person, they are guaranteeing the check and amount to the penny. The amount cannot be altered.

If you read a check, the first thing it says is Pay to the order. They are compelled by law to do this, if funds are available. Bank policy is bull. What if a bank decides to charge $50.00 to cash their own paper?

What is the sense in writing a check amount, if it can be altered at will? Crime.


False.... I have worked my entire career in retail banking and I have never seen a charge to CASH a PERSONAL check from the same institution.