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We opened a Savings and Checking account in August 2018. Due to incorrect information provided, the promotional offer of $500 couldn't be passed on to us.

The branch employee consistently assured us that as the balance maintained in the account was much higher than the minimum, and the need for direct deposit and 20 debit transactions to qualify for the promotional offer was not needed. Due to this no action was taken on our end and when doubts arose about the situation it was too late to meet the conditions.

The employee's behavior was professional throughout, but inadequate knowledge about the bank product has left us with poor experience and loss of time and money! We do plan to report this incident to relevant financial authorities.

To build a long term relationship, SunTrust could have looked into the matter and made exceptions, since the customer was not at fault, to make the customer service experience better.

We would expect this incident be brought to the attention of SunTrust Managers/Supervisors and expect a resolve for this issue .

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Oh so you THOUGHT they would just hand you the money and you didn't have to do anything? Did you bother to read the terms of service when you signed up?

Bet you did but decided to ignore what you agreed to and went to a clerk you hoped you could put one over on. You hoped they would honor this person's word and GIVE you money. Not...this isn't how this work. What governs the deal are the terms YOU AGREED TO.

If you're whining about $500.00, there won't be a great long term relationship. Sounds like you'll have a pay check to pay check account full of NSF fees and other nonsense. Here's what you do, close the account and go somewhere else.

Problem solved....You're welcome.... This is the part where you use of Loser's Lament-"You must work for them."