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Before the new changes to Banks and cards this Aug 2010....I had a run in with SunTrust.

I drive for a living and buy on my debit card and often have to "guess" how close I am on my balance.

One time I messed up and 4 things came in with a $36 dollar fee for each being a Burger King purchase for $3.10! I had money to pay 3 out of the 4 items.

I called and asked why didnt you guys pay the 3 I could pay then charge me a fee for the one I could not (all were paid but with a $36 fee each).

I was told 'well we pay the most expensive one first and work down because we feel the most expensive one would be the most important to have paid.

I'm like "well all 4 of them got paid, all at once!".

The I asked about Burger King, Im like "Look I can see you taking $5 or $100 for this, the whole item was $3.10 and for that your charging me $36!??"

As a courtesy, she took one fee off. So instead of having 1 $36 fee if they did things ethical, I had $108 in Fees!

I also asked the woman "is there any way that if I dont have the Money in my account to simply have the murchant not accept the card?" She said "No, there is no way to do it like that".

Yah right! It took an act of Congress to make it so. Now when you open a Bank account, by default if you dont have the money and pay with a debit card, it doesnt go through!

Thats all I wanted.

Banks are just out to make themselves money and can give a rats A*& for you or anyone else.

I mean who in their right mind will charge someone $36 for a $3.10 purchase?

Who is going to pay the Hightest debit first and thus BOUNCE all your smaller debits....a bank that doenst care thats who!

Suntrust.....go to ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Suntrust Checking Account.

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Well I am on the road 8 hours a day and buy this and buy that, get gas, get food.

I'm usually ok, but a few times when I was broke, I'd forget about that "temporary hold" they'd put on for Gas pay-at-the -pump. Now I dont have to worry as I opted OUT of overdraft protection.

If I dont have the money in my account to pay for the purchase, the card gets denied, no problem!

I wanted that a few years back, so simple and easy but was denied. banks are just out to help themselves


Why do you have to guess on you balance? Most locations give a receipt.

If not check your balance on the start of a run and list your purchases below it. I agree then fees are a rip off but come on,take a second and realize you can't guess.

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