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I have my security bill coming from this account. Keep in mund, I’ve been a customer for 14+ yrs and before when they were Crestsar.

I had auto deposit here for employment checks but, the ATM was down CONSTANTLY as well as slow customer service at 4 different branches....2 on Military Hwy, one on Volvo/Battlefield, and the WORST ONE IS IN PORTSMOUTH @ ViCTORY CROSSING! No greeting when you enter half the thime. Just ridiculous. Anyway, long story short, Payment to be taken out is the 20th of every month I made sure it was in there on the 19th my balance was positive.

I called in to listen to the balance and the positive balance was printed on my receipt after I deposited the payment. So tell me, HOW THE *** DO I GET A CARD IN THE MAIL FROM SUNTRUST STATING I OWE $72.00? Call in, ma’am it’s because the $.11 wasn’t in the account. So I ask why didn’t the automated voice state it nor the receipt and I heard, we’ll look into it:( I WAS CHARGED $72.00 for $.11.

COMPLETE BULLSH@T especially when the voice AND receipt stated the account was positive. After all these years I’m closing this account.

You guys and gals better run. If a longtime customer has these many issues.....

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They were stealing my money like that too. I would have a positive balance and they would still charge an overdraft fee which would cause it to be negative. I wish there was something I could do.


I agree. I encourage everyone I meet to do business with another bank.

SunTrust is the poorest choice you can make. Don't trust SunTrust.